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The Soracom Brand guidelines provides a single point of reference for application and communication of the Soracom Brand.


Our logo is the most important representation of our brand so it's important that it's treated correctly.



Aeonik is our ESM primary brand font. It's been chosen for its modern, simple and technical qualities. We have a full range of weights and styles available.

Source Han Sans

Source Hans Sans JP is the primary SDS font and our secondary ESM brand font. It has been chosen for its Japanese language support, variable font weight and matching mono-space versions.


Our primary color palette comes from our logo, so is clearly recognizable as 'Soracom'. These colors are complimented by our secondary color palette.


Brand Assets

Our patterns and graphics are a key part of our brand, they visually represent our brand ethos and help communicate key messaging.


Our shadients are used primarily as backgrounds


Messaging is an important part of Soracom's identity. To make sure we speak on-brand we follow the communication guidelines outlined below.


Visuals to show how we apply our brand to different media.

Social media

To ensure our brand is consistent across all our social accounts it’s important to use the correct imagery