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Whats new May 30, 2022

This update includes a complete reorganization of icons and numerous bug fixes.

SDS updates 

Icon updates 

Previously SDS limited the number of icons included in the SDS distribution to a short-list of around 100 or so published icons. This was done to reduced the final file size of SDS, which would have increased by around 30-40% or more if the full set of all available icons was included.

With optimizations and removal of older browser patches for Firefox, SDS v2.7.0 now includes all available icons by default, and only increases the distribution file size by 5-10%.

In addition to including the full set of 700+ icons as both css vars, and css classes, this latest release includes reorganization of the icons; simplification of many icon var/class names; and, inclusion of commonly used sets of icons specific to the user-console.

XS Mobile 320px Mobile 420px Tablet 680px Desktop 960px

View the SDS Icon documentation. View the SDS v2.7.0 changelog

Bug fixes 

Numerous component bug fixes, including:

  • ds-autocomplete – menu padding
  • ds-datatable – mobile support improvements
  • ds-tag – text alignment