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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Soracom Design System (SDS)? 

The Soracom Design System is pure css based library of styles for layouts and components to allow Soracom to build unified and consistent user interfaces for our internal and client facing web apps.

Is SDS for a specific framework? 

SDS is a pure css based library and is framework agnostic. SDS is currently in use with projects created in Angular, Svelte, WordPress, and Hugo CMS, but should work with any project that can use the documented css classes and html structures.

Does SDS use javascript? 

No, SDS does not include or use javascript. However some javascript is required for certain specific interactions, for example keyboard accessibility or switching dark/light mode.

In some cases we provide javascript example code which needs to be implemented in the project framework being used.

How can I use SDS in my project? 

SDS is only available for use by Soracom, and is not licensed for use outside of Soracom.

Details on including SDS in a Soracom project are available in the private project readme:

Is SDS open source? What is the license? 

SDS is not open source, and is only licensed for use by Soracom, Inc.

Why can I view the Soracom Design System? 

Making SDS publicly viewable not only improves usage internally at Soracom, but also encourages us to maintain a higher level of quality when our work is publicly available.

What browsers does SDS support? 

SDS works with the latest major versions of Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Edge. SDS does not support IE11.